Yuna & Kaito in japanese Kyoto

Country of the Rising Sun is a unique place where tradition blends with modernity. Nowhere in Japan, you can feel the identity and culture of this country stronger than here in Kyoto. Can you imagine better wedding location than this place?!  It is impossible to imagine a more unusual place for city session and more beautiful couple than Yuna and Kaito , who for tens of minutes  let me move a bit in the past. Dreamy place for celebratin any birtday as well as for Japan wedding photographer.

Kaito celebrated his birthday that day. Kaito – that’s a gift from me to you. Happy birthday. 🙂


Kaito&Yuna_01Kaito&Yuna_03 Kaito&Yuna_04 Kaito&Yuna_05 Kaito&Yuna_02Kaito&Yuna_07 Japan wedding photographerJapan wedding photographerJapan wedding photographeruntitled-3Japan wedding photographerKaito&Yuna_24Japan wedding photographeruntitled-4Kaito&Yuna_06Japan wedding photographerJapan wedding photographerJapan wedding photographeruntitled-5Kaito&Yuna_27 Kaito&Yuna_28Kaito&Yuna_38Japan wedding photographer Kaito&Yuna_43Japan wedding photographer Japan wedding photographerJapan wedding photographerKaito&Yuna_50Japan wedding photographer untitled-2Kaito&Yuna_57Kaito&Yuna_66Japan wedding photographer untitled-1Japan wedding photographer Japan wedding photographer