Kinga and Kuba’s atmospheric wedding in Dolina Cedronu

I was enchanted by them during our first meeting. Then I did not hear from them for a few months ;). Seems like the reason behind it was their approach to the weeding without a great plans that would result in needless tension. In hindsight, I can safely say that I am grateful for that. As a result, the aforementioned informal atmosphere was a hallmark of their wedding in Dolina Cedronu. It was also the main casue of my unconditional affection for them. Had it not been for this atmosphere, that day would not have looked as mesmerizing and unique. But there is more to Kinga and Kuba than meets the eye. Certainly it comes as no surprise for their friends that they were engaged a few thousand meters above the ground.

What stole my heart this time?

For the first time I saw such a blend of different emotions – the tons of tears, laughter and a lot of passion. Also the priest played a big part as well with his creative approach to the sermon that touched a lot of hearts. Despite being together already for eight years, the chemistry between Kinga and Kuba can be bestowed between many couples. Furthermore, I love situations when a lot is happening. During that day I could barely keep up with clicking the shutter button. Besides, I adore taking photos of children. Their absolute candidness always gives a good opportunity to capture an unforgettable moment. Due to the fact that a lot of those titches took part in their ceremony, there is a great number of photos showing children’s unique charm.

But it does not end there…

Kinga and Kuba’s wedding was also a feast for the eyes. A feast where guests were served with dishes sprinkled with the antique town house, the old Cracow Market Square and seasoned with the Tuscan reception in Dolina Cedronu. Wedding cake and other cakes prepared by family and friends stole the show. To snap some photos of these goodies in their intact state was not easy. The Bride had to shield them with her own body so the gourmands could not get them before me.

A few words from my heart…

Kinga and Kuba, I wish you to raise a strong and beautiful family. I hope you will be surrounded with as many charming kiddies as during your wedding day. Let your journey reflects more of a stroll in the clouds than a walk on the Earth. I wish your life will be filled with passion and ardency – the same or even bigger than I witnessed on that September Saturday. Be delighted by yourselves and cherish what you value the most in each other – ambition and resourcefulness, opiennes and ability to build strong realations and cooking skills.


Wedding Venue: Dolina Cedronu
Film: HeyFolks :):):)
Wedding dress: The unique design of a befriended seamstress – Mrs Kasia. Made with the thought of the second day, it turned out to be the wedding dress (here is a long story …)
Flowers: Bellomatrimonio
Makeup: Eliza from Hellomakeupstudio
Hair: Patrycja from Maniewski
Wedding suit: Lancerto
Wedding invitations: SheMakes
Wedding rings: Handmade by Kinga & Kuba (Xerion)
Decorations: Kuba & Kinga, Kinga’s Mom, “Chica” (the best bridesmaid ever) and friends (“Tuśka”, Olga, Kinga, “Oses”, Natalia, Marcin, Łukasz, Kasia, Roma)
Table for children: Kasia
Wedding cake and other cakes: never sleeping Kinga’s Mom, family and friends


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