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Lex & Jake, Wanaka, New Zealand

Queenstown wedding photographer – my adventure As an adventurer and photographer I have an opportunity do travel to different places on earth, just like amazing New Zealand. I left my heat in this country not only because of the nature but also because of amazing people I met there – just like Lex an Jake. […]


Claudia & Amadeus, Bog of birches

  The love story in a very young, but  beautiful release. Whenever I look at the photos I want to fall in love again. Claudia and Amadeus allowed me to fulfill my dreams and welcome with a spring morning on a bog full of birches. Amazing they in the scenery which complements everything. Witnessing this adventure is a […]


Yuna & Kaito in japanese Kyoto

Country of the Rising Sun is a unique place where tradition blends with modernity. Nowhere in Japan, you can feel the identity and culture of this country stronger than here in Kyoto. Can you imagine better wedding location than this place?!  It is impossible to imagine a more unusual place for city session and more beautiful […]