Hi! I am delighted to see you here! My name is Ewelina. I am a woman, wife, “dog mom” and adventurer. Being a passionate and fulfilled person I always try to do things in life that make me happy. The world makes me curious and I am deeply inspired by nature and people.

We live in a world full of endless possibilities but the pace of it is sometimes overwhelming. Photography allows me to capture those fleeting moments that are both unique and worth remembering. It gives me possibility to access the experiences that would not be obtainable without photos. Thanks to photography I can explore not only the world but also myself. It is my tool of expression and my voice in important matters.

I capture love through photos because I believe that love is the biggest driving force. It completes life and gives a new beginning. There is nothing more beautiful and inspiring than being its witness and having the privilege of photographing it by capturing those beautiful moments. And I know… yes, it sounds cheesy but being a sentimental idealist through and through I sincerely believe in it.

In story of two lovers I seek energy, emotions, intimacy and magic of the given moment. I appreciate minimalism and naturalness in every sense of the world.

Partnership and cooperation with people who share my approach to life and value photography is important to me. I do not want to be a photographer only. I want to create a bond that lasts years and turns into a close friendship. This special connection will bring tons of joy and mesmerising photos – I am sure of it. So please, do not be surprised by me asking tons of questions and nagging you to meet. I always try to be around and be helpful.

Small outdoor weddings are close to my heart.

I am based in Poland (Warsaw) but work everywhere mainly in Great Britain, Germany and New Zealand.

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