When I try to find words to describe my impression after meeting Maria and David nothing adequate comes to my mind. Polish language seems to be too poor … In each subsequent minute of our meeting the thought how great people they are and how unique couple they create was giving me a delicate jealousy. I was really incredibly lucky to be able to witness such love, mutual understanding, a sense of security and caring and responsibility for the other person. Thanks to you, I remembered how much I am grateful that fate has put on my way my husband. Maria and David, thank you for this experience.



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  • Martyna Solpa

    Na ten moment jest to moja ulubiona sesja! Przepiękna para i widoczny profesjonalizm Eweliny <3

    • ewelina

      Dziękuję Martyna 🙂 Maria i Dawid są fantastyczni, ale nie bardziej niż inna para, której robiłam sesję w Międzylesiu jeszcze tej wiosny 😉

    • Ewelina Rypina-Cywińska

      ❤❤❤❤❤ kochana jestes😊

  • Daniel Sułek

    Super! 🙂

    • Ewelina Rypina-Cywińska

      Dziękuję 😊

  • maria


    • Ewelina Rypina-Cywińska


  • Anna Maria

    Bardzo wyśmienite!

    • Ewelina Rypina-Cywińska

      Dziękuję ❤