Intimate wedding at a fishing farm in Pstrągowo

Far too rarely I meet couples who experience their weeding day exactly as they dreamt about it. Luckily, Kasia and Marcin were one of those few couples. They did not let anybody spoil their special day, let alone the wedding officiant, whose plan of the ceremony did not tone in with Kasia and Marcin’s ;). Their intimate wedding took place at a fishing farm near Chełm. Followed by a reception filled with love, laughter, positive energy and fun games.

What I love the most?

What moved me the most in their lovely intimate wedding? Above all, Kasia’s big tears of pure joy and her unique expressiveness that affects everybody around, including Marcin. Secondly, the tea conversations with Kasia’s mum and the friendly chats at the table. Thirdly,  granny’s quaint apartment where you could get a sense of not only the family’s history but also the traditional home with a capital “H”. And of course the venue of the wedding ceremony at the fish farm. The place was full of hospitality, beautiful greenery and those little things that were planned and perfected down to tiniest details by Kasia and Marcin. Every little thing was coming together to evoke an idyllic and rustic atmosphere – quite extraordinary I must say. In those smallest details one could see that the heart and soul was put into making that special day exactly as they imagined.

So I brought not only these lovely pictures that I can share with you right now but I simply had a wonderful time with a cosy and family atmosphere. Not taking part in a giant Jenga game is the one thing I regret, but then again, who would take the photos…? … or maybe I should have asked Marcin…

Best wishes

Kasia, Marcin, I wish you to submit yourselves to this craziness that is inside both of you for at least a minute every day. Love each other and show it on as many ways as possible and as much as it is possible. Do not stop along the way… and stand up for your love and your believes. PS Because of you for the first time I witnessed the tears of joy and happiness while watching my photos and for that I am deeply grateful and sending a big thank-you.

And as for you, my viewers, I encourage you to take a peek at Kasia and Marcin’s happiness by watching photos from their wedding session. It is is a treat, I promise.

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